Another trip of hope

Again a full van loaded with dogs, again Simonetta and me , again Friday afternoon after work and again we started a new transport , on our way back from Italy we had some problems with the van so we took the van to the garage, we thought it was repaired , but when we were arriving to San Sebastian , the van started to give problems so, because I wanted to be sure we stopped and we phone the garage , after three hours and 900 euros invoice we continue with our trip, the van was not completely repaired but they told us that it was safe to keep going, first stop Bourdeaux, Paris, Compiegne and then Holland , late and exhausted but everything was ok , wonderful to see so many happy people and so many happy animals, we have made so many transports that we are getting used to it but this is absolutely miraculous and this is why we are working , we rescue animals because you are there to adopt them. Thank you and keep doing it, I really like to drive even when it is exhausting.
I know that we are doing a lot of things reporting many cruelty cases and I know that all of you are proud of this, but we need your help, the situation is becoming really difficult, you have been reading all the rescue cases that we are doing daily, we cannot do it without your financial support, please donate today we need your help and we need it now, if not we will need to stop all these rescues. Kisses licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín