Update Mango ;-(

Three long days and three (longer) nights  Mango had been hiding under a car, shivering from misery and cold before someone even bothered to get him out from under there and take him to the Scooby residencia. How he wound up there no one knows but they think he was coming out oft he mountains, probably left there by someone not worthy of being called human, and that he had been desperately looking for his mother and his siblings, and when he could not find them, he had crawled under the car, hoping for a little protection.
Totally clueless because when you’re just two months old you really panic if you loose all that you have known in your short life, all that has been safe and comfortable, lost in the bat of an eyelid. And all that it leaves you with is fear, cold, hunger and thirst and questions. He was very very skinny, you could see the bones sticking out, and thanks to his owner, he had not had any shots, and already had a bad case of the parvo virus, and things did not look very bright for him
When he arrived at the residencia, he already refused  to eat or drink, and his faeces was nothing but bloody slime. We have given him everything that we possibly could but to no avail. And although he was in a very bad state, he was so very very sweet.. The next morning he died in my arms, covered with a warm blanket, surrounded by love. It is not much we could do but it is better than dying alone on the streets beneath a car.  Rest in peace dear Mango, we will not forget you nor the person who did this to you!