Galgos in urgent need of help 1: Blanca

I heard a story about some galgos that were in need of urgent help because their owner had been imprisoned and could not take care of them for a long period of time but I did not find out where they were, how to get in touch with somebody.. Until through one person or the other, someone close to the family could contact me and tell me what had happened. In reality the owner of the galgos had been in prison for a few months already and his relatives were taking care of feeding the dogs, but they were going through a very bad economic situation and could not pay for any veterinary care, and the bad part was that one of the galgas, Blanca, had an enormous tumour on her belly and therefore the family had been trying for some time to find somebody who could take care of them and mostly of Blanca because she must have been suffering. And they found one,  thanks to Scooby, because I got in touch with Fermin who didn’t have to think about it twice and said that Scooby would take care of all the galgos. I realize the effort they are making at Scooby is very big,  there are more and more rescues of animals in very terrible conditions, so I am very grateful to them for taking care of this case too.
The day that I met with the family, they brought out Blanca, the first one, and when I saw her I knew I had to take her to the refuge immediately to have her checked out by the vet, so we put her in my car and we agreed to come and pick up the other ones later. I saw immediately she was a treasure, a very soft and sweet galgo without any fear of humans. The two of us went to the refuge where in a few minutes Enrique our vet set up to operate on her.
Now Blanca is doing well, she is a happy galga that is adorable to everyone because she is sweet, loving, happy, social, a perfect galga to live with a family!