Bullas 7

Latest news from Bullas, yesterday I received a phone call from Marina,
she told me what I knew that there are several galgos and podencos still
running free in Bullas , obviously we cannot say that they belong to
Blas , the owner of the rest of the animals, but they have a strong
smell to chips…….. , anyway they told me that they are going to try to
catch them now, they have been feeding them , so the animals they have a
routine and now they must try to do something and you will ask yourself
why, the solution is easy , somebody is shooting them , they rescued one
podenco , from Bullas in very , very , very bad conditions, in fact the
poor animal was put to sleep to release his suffering and his body was
full of pellets and he could not make it, the suffering was enormous and
was not released even with the most powerful pain killers, so I am
hoping that they can catch all of them and afterwards they will go to
the shelter from El Galgo Senior until we can go to pick up them, in the
name of all the scooby supporters I want to thank all these people for
their efforts, and be careful with the pictures and the video , because
it is really hard. , I know that we are doing a lot of things reporting
many cruelty cases and I know that all of you are proud of this, but we
need your help, the situation is becoming really difficult , you have
been reading all the rescue cases that we are doing daily, we cannot do
it without your financial support, please donate today we need your help
and we need it now , if not we will need to stop all these rescues.
Kisses licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin