Adoption requests from North European countries

We have another luxurious problem , we are now getting a lot of request for adoption in Denmark and the other countries of Scandinavia and our policy is that we don’t rehome dogs in a country without an organization that take care of checking the homes and adopters and also giving the needed after care and/or take care of the dogs already rehomed , giving the adopters all the needed information.
So if you know of any organization , or even if any of you supporters from these places want to do this job starting Scooby Scandinavia or something like that, please put us in contact with them or get in contact with us. Send us an email to de@scoobymedina.com or fermin@scoobymedina.com. We will be very grateful and our dogs also, please our dogs deserved their golden baskets over there. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin.