Press release, 17th of september 2014-09-22

A total of 26 horses came from Mula (Murcia) to Scooby, and these horses were saved from a new case of animal abuse in the last month of august. This last august, the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente  Scooby made it her business to report another case of animal abuse in Mula (Murcia), taking a total of 38 horses into her care. These horses were found in a very sorry state, without food, with multiple wounds without being taken care of and in a very sorry hygienic state as well. While we were waiting for the final jurisdiction, we were given the authorization  to take a part of these horses to our refuge in Medina del Campo. So yesterday 26 of them arrived there, and the rest, 12 of them, have been adopted by the person who has been taking care of them since the day they were found and taken charge of by Seprona.
The judges in Murcia that have been handling this case have authorized Scooby to take care of feeding them  and give them all the necessary care.The president of the Protectora knew of the case through the lawyer of Scooby in Murcia, Raquel Lopez. The Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Media Ambiente Scooby is asking for the help of anyone willing to assist in the maintenance and sanitary needs of these animals. All of you who wish to help can do so through the following account number, with reference : 

Caballos de Mula.

IBAN: ES61 01280212510103853927

or via Paypal to:

For more information please contact:
Rebeca Cid Rodríguez
Comunicación SPA Scooby
606 234 204