Bullas 6

Hello everybody , it is a long time since I don’t write anything, honestly I have been extremely busy , but before Christiane will kill me , I need to update you because there are a lot of news, first I am going to update you about Bullas, about the court case everything keeps going, about the animals here, it is absolutely incredible how they are improving , the mares are very close to give birth , the ferrets are ok and the dogs are perfect, now you know we left there several sheep, goats and one pig, they are still there under our care and we want to make it clear and loud , the only organization until now that has helped these animals is Scooby, I am saying this because I know that some organisations have been collecting money for helping these animals but until now we are the only ones doing it. With the essential help of Juanfran, he is a boy around 25 years old , who has offer himself voluntarily for feeding the goats , the sheep and the pig, he is our particular hero, he is unemployed and we are only paying him the petrol from his car for going there, this article is my tribute to him. Thank you Juan Fran without you it would not be possible. We have separated males and females because we don’t want more babies, some are pregnant so it will be impossible, while I was there I saw several horrible spectacles, one was a well full of dead dogs , mainly galgos and podencos and a bird cage with several ears cut from sheep, probably the poor animals died and because it is the identification they cut it, because I don’t want to think that they cut it while the poor animals were still alive, so now we have another place to take care in Bullas, Murcia, again another shelter more expenses , I know that we are doing a lot of things reporting many cruelty cases and I know that all of you are proud of this, but we need your help, the situation is becoming really difficult , you have been reading all the rescue cases that we are doing daily, we cannot do it without your financial support, please donate today we need your help and we need it now , if not we will need to stop all these rescues. Kisses licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin