The Adams family

Some days ago , I was sitting down at the office, in front of my computer and I was watching several pictures that somebody sent to me, I was angry and fed up so I kicked the table , they were frightened and asked me what happened , I tried to explain them about the amount of dogs that we have, about the huge amount of animals in general and about the amount of rescues that we need to do almost daily, then they told me : You should have a waiting list and then to rescue the animals when you have time and space , then I started to show them the pictures of the animals the that needed to be rescued and I asked them , if they thought that they could wait, the answer in all the cases was no, is impossible to wait , this is why I am so angry, there are a lot of animal welfare  people in this country but what are they doing, in this case 2 adult mastins and 4 puppies , not so puppies anymore, they are from Puertollano ( Ciudad Real), I suppose that there are animal welfare orgs over there so why we need to rescue them and after seeing the pictures , ?Can you tell me if you can say no? , sincerely I cannot, the woman who report this case to the SEPRONA was trying to find and organization which could take them, she was asking even in Cataluña and the answer was no , always no, except two , one in Cataluña , they accept the dogs but they asked 400 euros per dog, and still some people complain when we ask for 50/75 euros per dog, and the second one was Scooby that we could not  close our eyes and the Adams Family is now with us, getting good food and a clean space to sleep , the owner has been reported for mistreatment and the dogs are now here , recovering and waiting for an owner, they are mastins , so anyone interested?. , I know that we are doing a lot of things reporting many cruelty cases and I know that all of you are proud of this, but we need your help, the situation is becoming really difficult, you have been reading all the rescue cases that we are doing daily, we cannot do it without your financial support, please donate today we need your help and we need it now, if not we will need to stop all these rescues. Kisses licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín