Blankets and Coats

My dear Scooby friends , we are successful very successful getting blankets and dog coats , thanks to all of you for this but now I can tell you , we have enough for the following years, even more we are offering blankets  to other organizations that could need it, in fact we have built a storing place just for blankets , we have more than 20 cubic meters on blankets and coats, so please don’t send to us any more blankets or coats, at least for the moment, but if you want to keep helping us , we have a new initiative for getting funds for Scooby and this is a second hand charitable shop here in Spain, if you have something that can be resalable and you want to help our animals, donations are more than welcome. But please only stuff that is still in the shape to sell it with a clean conscience. And then we can take all these wonderful things that you have store somewhere in your house, while we are doing our transports to Europe. Thanks. Kisses, licks and hugs for all those that they don’t have a voice. Fermín