How good, how nice

We have just realized that our Facebook page, yes the new one , the one that you don’t follow and you should follow because in that web page we want to publish all the information from all the Scoobys all over the world, from Scooby North America, scooby Lowlands, Germany, France , Italy, Zamora and of course the scooby mother that is Scooby Medina, well how I was telling you, something very interesting has happened and it is : The galgueros follow us on Facebook, or it is or they are just answering any publication that appear about galgos on Facebook, I don’t think so, anyway it is funny because they are trying to convince me that they are good people, in fact I am sure that there are good galgueros, this is why we signed an agreement with them, but I am sure that there are lot more bad galgueros and they are giving a very bad image to all of them,  but also the good galgueros are guilty, yes you are guilty when you witness another one mistreating their dogs and you are doing nothing, don’t blame us , blame your colleagues , they are the ones that are mistreating the dogs, we only show to the whole world what is happening, don’t try to say that it is a business , because it is not , somebody has told you that the best defense is a good attack , but you are wrong your best defense is to collaborate with the animal welfare organizations to finish with all these abusers. Good luck with your change of mentality, until you are not able to change your chip in relation with the animals, we will not be able to be friends. Fermín
By the way look on Facebook Sociedad Protectora de Animales Scooby