Different things that make me angry.

Now I am going to start telling you different things that make me angry, I am sure that there are so many that I will have enough for several articles, but this is a beginning.
The first question is; all these people that thinks that we are working on animal welfare because we don’t have anything else to do.
These are a bunch of stupid people without brain , they think that abandoning dogs we are going to be more happy because then we keep going with our organization, nothing to do with my real feelings, whoever who knows me a bit, should know that I like the animals but mainly I would like to like only my own animals and not all the animals abandoned every year, sincerely I would prefer to go to the beach every weekend better than going in an exhausting transport of dogs to Europe to save them, but obviously we cannot do anything different while there are so many ………… in this world we need to keep working, there is an interview from me somewhere a lot of years ago and there I was saying that I would like to close the shelter and instead of that the shelter is becoming bigger and bigger.
The second question is to be politically correct so I cannot say what I really want to say, I have been in this galgo world forever so I know everything and everybody and sometimes I would like to scream really loud but I cannot because then Christiane, she is German and very correct and she doesn’t allow me to do it. But one day ………………..
Big kisses, and loving licks. Fermin