We all thought you were doing OK and that you were happy, and your new owners said that they were happy to have you and that you enjoyed being with your new brother but in a short period of time this all changed. Your current owners decided to get rid of your little brother by giving him to the first person that was interested and they decided to take you to the dogpound. Good thing that we found out what they were trying to do and we put a stop to it, how could they do this to you?
We do not understand. What kind of people decide to give a good life to a dog and then later leave it in the dogpound?  The most logical thing would have been to call us to see if we could help in solving the problem, why did they not do that? Aren’t they ashamed of themselves? They say they cannot have any dogs because they are going to move to an apartment and they just get rid of them like that... like it was nothing ..
Dear CANELA, again you are looking for a home and we will keep on looking for one for you where they will love you forever and ever, we promise and it is our duty to find you these people that will never let you go or leave you, sorry for failing you and for making you suffer, we thought we had done the right thing. We hope we will find you that person soon, enough has happened. YOU DESERVE IT!