When you lend a dog a helping hand..

There are instances when an animals path crosses with that of a person that doesn’t treat them the way they deserve, but the story of Cepillo, a precios podenco, is different.
Cepillo appeared in the village of Tornedizos de Arevalo around Christmas, letting himself be loved by anyone that came close to him. Little by little, a woman from the village, Consuelo, started to put down food for him next to her house, and not only that, she also left some blankets next to her door so he could spend the wintertime in the best possible conditions.
The dog has a great hunting instinct so he brings Consuelo hares and rabbits many times and that’s the reason for the threats from the hunters, who say that the dog is interfering with their hobby and that’s why they want to get rid of him.
After having him checked out by the vet and finding that his health is perfect, they put up signs in the village to have him adopted, with the bad luck that they could not find anybody willing to offer him a home.
One day the dog did not come back to the home of the woman that had been loyally taking care of him and she got worried, so worried she could not sleep at night. And that same night, at around 3 in the morning she heard barking outside of her house, barking that suggested pain. Cepillo was there, but this time he came back to the house that offered him food and warm blankets, with a trap embedded in one of his paws.
Consuelo woke up her husband who managed to remove the clamp and they go back to bed after giving him first aid.
The next day they took him to the vet again who gave antibiotics and bandages.
Then Consuelo decided to tie him up at her house but when she saw the sadness of the dog because he could no longer go out and take a walk in the fields in liberty, and since she already had a little dog in the house she could not take him inside, and after the advice of the vet, Consuelo decided to call Scooby. With sadness, knowing she can no longer see him every day, she talks to one of our workers Pablo to pick up Cepillo so they can find him a home where he is no longer being threatened by hunters, far from traps and as much food and blankets that he needs.
Cepillo has shown us what a good loving and quiet dog he is, now it is your turn. Do you want to offer him a home?