The mysterious dog carrier

Unfortunately for  Scooby  we are sadly used to collect stray animals, although we still keep on being surprised about the morality of some people, like in the case of the mysterious dog carrier.
Last Saturday the local police in Medina del Campo came to bring us an abandoned dog , the funny thing was the way they found it:
Around 9.00h am a resident of Medina del Campo, reported to the police because he had found a dog at his home door within a carrier. The agents arrived and found that the animal did not have any identification system, but  the owners had left a half can of food with him.
It is outrageous that the owners are so cynical, leaving the poor dog with food, and also with a sign in the carrier where you can read " I love my pet". Is it awesome.
How people can do something like this? if they had problems with the animal at least  they could show their faces, well, there  are lots of questions , but better not thinking too much. We prefer to act as soon as possible, so the most important thing right now is finding a real family for this little dog. Again we need your help, and once again we thank you in advance.