Thank you and invitation from Greyhound Compassion

Dear everyone,
Thank you very much for your help today at our extra jumble sale.  
Thanks very much for spreading the load at  the end of the event and 
for the jumble convoy through the lanes!  Well, altogether we raised 
£304.75, not bad at all.  We’re expecting another £16 from book 
sales, so we should get to £320.  For a first go in a new venue, this 
wasn’t at all bad. Thank you very much.
We have some good news too.  The British Small Animal Veterinary 
Association has signed a memorandum of understanding with Scooby to 
offer a neutering course at the shelter to its newly qualified vets 
and to vets returning from a career break.  The aim of the course is 
for the vets to improve their surgical neutering skills.  There are 
more details here http://www.bsava.com/CPD/Scooby.aspx
This comes at a time when Scooby wants to improve its onsite clinic 
and buy an ambulance so that a Scooby team member and vet can collect 
the strays and unneutered dogs from their owners from the much deeper 
rural environs.  Greyhound Compassion is launching its fund-raising 
campaign to contribute to this “Pup Prevention Plan” on Sunday 6 July 
with a lunch and dog walk hosted by Mrs. Hazel Spear at her home in 
Hertfordshire. Everyone and all breeds are welcome. The lunch party 
and dog walk will cost £10 per head. All proceeds will go to the “Pup 
Prevention Plan”. Please let us know if you would like to reserve a 
place, if you haven’t already done so.  It is heart warming to 
realise that the Scooby shelter started out as a two storey building 
and a neighbouring ruin housing the local stray galgos and other 
breeds more than 20 years ago.  Now, thanks to the contributions GC 
and its team have made to Scooby, we have helped to bring about a 
purpose built shelter with running water, electricity and an on-site 
clinic, which now has a relationship with an organisation like the 
BSAVA and has managed to start to bring animal cruelty prosecutions
in a country traditionally hostile to animal welfare.    This is a 
tribute to all of those jumble sales and street collections!  Thank 
you very much to everyone and we hope you will join us for a glass of 
wine and dog walk on 6  July to toast the shelter.  This is fantastic 
news for Scooby!  We’re hoping for this to be good kick-off to a 
ground-breaking plan for Spain.
With very many thanks
Greyhound Compassion