Open Doors Day

We had so much news this summer that I almost forgot to tell you about our celebration the other day, as is the case on a hot Sunday in July we thought of opening our doors like we do every year.  In the beginning it was like usual and some fifteen people showed up  but when I started to talk, people were telling me, Fermín wait, there are coming more and more and more.  As a matter of fact we could not begin until half an hour later and meanwhile around 150 people had arrived at our facility, something absolutely unbelievable, we had never reached such a large number, not even close, and as a consequence the visit lasted longer than expected, because everyone stopped to see all our animals, asking questions about this or that animal.

At the end of the afternoon we all ended up in the new store that is already starting to pay off, it was a tremendously interesting day, most people left very happy and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next one because at Scooby there's always something new, although we have "only" animals out here.

One week before our open doors day we had a communal day among the volunteers who had helped on the day of the dog, by the way that was also very fun and very wet because Facundo put the hose on us, the truth is that it was very much appreciated because the heat was horrible.
See you soon,