The forgotten dogs

You don´t want to know how many forgotten dogs there are at Scooby. Some of them are Galgos but most of them are other breeds or mixes. For this update I will focus on five dogs that are the favorite dogs of Vanessa, a Belgian volunteer who has been coming here for years. Because the thing is, if you are working here and see all these dogs, you start to love them and recognize their distinctive characters. But for people in other countries these dogs are just pictures on our website. And I know, there are a lot of dogs and pictures and dogs on the website. This is not on purpose, to make it more difficult for you to choose the one you like, it is because we have so many dogs! Many many dogs.. So here Vanessa picked out five forgotten dogs for you and please don´t forget to look at our website regularly because there are dogs coming in here at a daily basis:

Flori came to Scooby when she was just a puppy. She needs a leader that will do active sports with her because she is very active and really wants to work for her owner. She loves to play with toys, she is sweet and affectionate and has a very special look. If you are looking for a dog for training, agility or other active sports, please think of Flori.

Nora is one big cuddle monster. She likes to ´shake hands´, get a lot of attention and is very soft with people. She is e real people-dog: smart, soft, medium size and normal looking. And that is why many people don´t see her. And that is really sad for her!

Laszlo is a big impressive Shepherd at first site, but actualy he has a small hart. He is playful in his way, calm, has a good character and gives a lot of cuddles. He uses his weight and size, so he needs a strong owner, but an owner that is prepared to give him lots of love!

Ivan is a beautiful Setter mix. He loves to play with his tennis ball, but you have to know something about him before you can play: you have to put the ball inside his mouth yourself. Because if you throw it away he is not running after it to get it for you. But if he has the ball in his mouth he parades around as proud as he can be.

Dario is very submissive towards humans. He is soft, never jumps up and gives you kisses all the time. When he sees a leash he walks away, he prefers his freedom. The best attention he can get is rubbing his belly. Dario is incredible sweet and patient.