Mother and son

Hello, hello, here I am again because I would like to present you Sara and Zeus! This time I am going to be a little long-winded, but only a little, and I will tell you some personal things, things that I don’t really want anybody to know about. Anyway, just a little while ago, Sabine, one of our German volunteers, told me that she would like to stay here, working with us and I thought she was mad, absolutely crazy to exchange a steady job in Germany for the uncertainty of being here, trying to find a job and volunteering at Scooby, but I have to confess that after spending the most of summer working here, I realize that the same thing happens to me, that the only thing that really makes me happy is to rescue animals like Sara and Zeus.  Deep down I already knew this but I think it has just been reaffirmed. It is a pity I have to pay for my mortgage, otherwise I would spent all my time here at Scooby, so if anybody is willing to pay me a salary I will stay here, it would make me extremely happy!

Anyway, apart from these confessions, Sara and Zeus are mother and son and have been found abandoned next to a river in the province of Valladolid, dodging the stones the children of the town threw at them, and they are authentic beauties. Sara is a brilliant black and Zeus is a ginger colored puppy of about 4 months old. How I know they are mother and son? Well that is easy because they don’t leave each others side and also because they are constantly giving each other little licks. It would be ideal if somebody would adopt them together because they get along very well, and Zeus is not even an adolescent, when normally adolescents become impossible to deal with and start arguments with their parents, or is this only the case with humans? I have no idea, the only thing I know is that they are here right now and very soon they will be in one of your homes. They will certainly get along with the whole world.