Our puppy house 3

As far as our puppy house is concerned, not so long ago we have informed you of building a first puppy house, showing you pictures of the happy puppies inside their new home.  The truth is we are collecting so many puppies, feels like thousands of them, so we have decided we need to construct a second puppy house, but not just for the dogs but also for the cats so the second house we construct is for the cats.  It was impossible to continue things the way they were with sick cats coming in being mixed with healthy ones, newcomers and many kittens mixed in the same room, we said we need to get the funds first but then again we went ahead and just built it. Being an aries and not very patient I did not like what I saw with all those kittens catching diseases so the cattery is already underway, shortly we will have finished the new place and all our kittens will have a safe space to spend their quarantine period. As for the success of the first puppy house, we opened a second one in the place we used for the reptiles, but since they are now in the lake area we had space left and so we now have two good puppy houses and ever we have had not a single sick puppy so these houses are a big success. Thus we are pleased because this Summer we had plenty of puppies and – knock on wood – all are healthy so now we want to carry on to do cat house 3 or puppy house 3  - depends on how you want to call it - but now we have to pay for them first so your support is much needed.
 My regards and till the next time. Fermín