Scooby comes to the rescue or our trip to Cuenca

Each of the above titles would fit. A couple of days ago I got a call from Milagros which was about: Fermín, help us, we have so many dogs in here, they are attacking and biting each other, because we don’t have enough space for all of them here.
When I came here, I notified we would drive to Cuenca to get galgos from the Perrera Provincial and I remember my conversation with Dani about it, because at the moment we really should only go for bitches as the males were so hard to get adopted, even though this is a reality,  I found myself unable to make a choice from dogs for their sex or colour. Black dogs have more difficulty to get adopted as well. Yes, we have quite a few black galgo males, but I like to help animals, all animals, and I may be innocent to tell you this while knowing that you will come to adopt these less adoptable dogs and adopt more males and more black dogs, because they really are fantastic, those males of ours. Apart from that I believe you should not rescue dogs simply because they are beautiful, that would be kind of unconstitutional and anyway I always like the ones who are worst off, the most. Anyway usually my dogs pick me and not the other way around.
So we drove to the Perrera in Cuenca and brought 39 galgos from there, among which a puppy, who in my opinion is a podenco and super loveable, and also a mother dog with two pups, who are definitely galgo mixes, but need to be adopted just as urgently as all the others. So please, let’s not be racist, when they are galgo mixes they too have a right to find a lovely spot on the sofa at your house.
Now they are in the puppy house and live together with our baby cats peacefully. I’m over there to take some pictures of them, so you can also see them.
Our rescue heroes by the way were Cristina and Claire who got up in the middle of the night to make the drive to Cuenca and back in one single day.
See you, I’m off taking some pictures.
Oh, I completely forgot to tell you that one of the dogs we took from Cuenca is a greyhound. I’m not 100% sure whether she came from Ireland, but she is a greyhound. She has only one tattoo, a green one, as customary with the Irish, and on top of that illegible even though we tried. Not so long ago I had a conversation specifically about this subject, with Marion Fitzgibbon, in which I said I was convinced that they were still importing Irish greys for running. And look – now we have got one of those dogs here with us.
Photos of the rescue: