Elena and her adorable babies

After thinking a long time about how to call her, I came up with the name Elena, with or without H, it doesn’t really matter if it is Helena or Elena, even though Helena is more classic. Anyway, this is the terrible story of a mixed breed Pit-bull I am going to tell you, a dog that has been living on the streets since the beginning of time. She probably was not born on the streets but most of her life she must have been abandoned. We came to know about her existence over 6 months ago, that she was out on the streets and had given birth, so we went out to try and catch her, but the only thing we managed was picking up one of her puppies, a girl we named Yala and who was adopted, but we could not capture Elena at that time. Six months later we received a call again, that she reappeared and this time with 5 puppies, a bit stupid if it was Elena, but I think you can understand, she was a little bit horny but she didn’t know about this safe sex thing.  Well the thing is that we have her here now, and to tell you the truth she is a little ugly, I am not going to lie about it, she has hardly any teeth left, her tits are sagging, she’s very thin but without doubt she is a monument for all mothers, taking care of her little ones like a good mom, if you approach her with bad intentions she growls at you. She never bites but she has to protect her babies and the puppies are chubby while she is loosing her energy in giving them her milk.
I am aware that it will be very difficult for her to be adopted and she will probably die in the shelter, but I did not want her to become just another dog in the shelter, anonymous, and this way at least you know about her history, her life in abandonment, a dog on the streets bringing litters into the world of other stray dogs, just because one day an animal who considered himself rational decided he no longer wanted her.

Anyway, Elena, I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you will live the last years of your life in a home without having more babies.  Got to tell you this story though:  we keep her in the “tortuguera” which is actually Puppy house 2 and there is a bath where she goes into but not the puppies, and sometimes she just goes and lies in it to have some peace and quiet, to rest a bit, which is understandable and I am sure all mothers understand, all these babies wanting to feed is very tiring.
And now the eternal question is: where is the home that will take up Elena and her babies, is it yours? Give it a try, I am sure you can do it.  A big hug and even though I am a little bit of a pain in the behind with these updates, I know these dogs deserve their own place in your heart.
Till soon,