What is impossible, well that is impossible, and beside this it is utterly impossible.

And you might ask yourself, what a strange title has come into his mind again.  But yes, I have to start somewhere. The cause is that we simply cannot cope, not with 3 puppy houses, not with 4, and not with 20. This year is simply crazy..
Yesterday we brought 3 puppies from Cuenca, today a mother with 9 puppies arrived. What shall we do with all these dog kiddies? It is utter madness.
Please if you know any shelter that may help these babies, or if you know any adoptants who can help our little ones, let us know. 
We rehome quite some puppies at the moment, but we are reaching the point the number of puppies is simply getting to large for us, and is getting beyond our possibilities. We simply cannot afford to find homes for so many mix puppies. 

They are very nice, sweet, friendly and cheerful and we give them to adoption already used to collar and leash, but PLEASE adopt them.  I know, adult dogs are easier to handle, but now they are born into the world and we have the responsibility for them, we need to find good homes for them. We count on you!
With kind puppy regards,