Scooby on the televisionprogram 3 Op Reis (3 on Tour) by BNN

Last august we got an email from the travel program “3 Op Reis” by BNN, that they were doing a tour of all European states and they wanted to visit Scooby so they could do an item on animal abuse in Spain. For a long while we thought it was a joke, but when Dennis Storm and his crew got out of the car one week later, it was actually for real! Wow, media attention for animal abuse in Spain and publicity for Scooby!
In general about 750.000 people watch the program on TV and on Facebook they have almost 24,000 followers. So, even when this will help just one of our animals being adopted, every little bit helps.

After meeting the crew and their amazement on the size of Scooby and the fact they found Dutch people spending their “holiday” on Spain’s mainland, they started working to get the program made.

Presenter Dennis and editor Daan went to prepare things and we showed director Ruud and cameraman Marnix the Scooby grounds. All kinds of shots were made of the various paddocks and different dogs. Marnix even climbed the roof of one of the doghouses, putting his own life at risk but that way he could get a good shot of the complete Scooby grounds!
A little while later, Dennis interviewed Fermin, everything went very smooth since Fermin is so used to these kind of things, he’s almost a pro, and after the interview Fermin went out again and left the rest to us.

When I showed Dennis the quarantine area, where a lot of galgos were at the time, he honestly admitted these were not his kind of dogs, but when we told him that a lot of different breeds were being “dumped” at Scooby, like Podencos, Cocker Spaniel, shepherds and a lot of mixes, I saw a twinkle in his eyes because shepherds and shepherd mixes, those were his favourites he said.
They took shots of a lot of different places, with the oldies, the pups, the cats, and then Dennis asked if he could interview us!!  Ehh.. yes.. of course!
They made an introductory film of us feeding the dogs and then they interviewed us. We did not even have time to get nervous, but of course now we are wondering if we are looking OK in the film... and what they are going to show of it on television. But hey, whatever they are going to do, it was a very nice experience!

And our wish that through this program we could have a dog adopted has already come through. Dennis himself has adopted a very nice shepherd/podenco mix, Scruffy!

BNN’s 3 Op Reis is being broadcasted on the 7th of October at 19.50 on station Nederland 3
Johan and Jacinta
BNN’s 3 Op Reis is being broadcasted weekly on Nederland 3, sunday night at 19.50.