It never rains but it pours

My father used to say this to me. Well, today our pump, we urgently need in order to pump water out of our own well, has broken. All faithful Scooby friends might remember  that the last time this happened it cost us 7000 Euro to buy a new one. It is logical we cannot operate without water and I already arranged everything for getting it repaired. But to finance this, we will need some Internet auctions, medieval markets or flea markets. For the moment we asked the city council to provide us with water und tomorrow the pump will be picked up for fixing since without it is simply impossible here.
By the way, how incredibly bothersome the mosquitos are in September. For sure they feel their soon end coming and are much more annoying than they were in summer. So, I just inserted this now to relieve some tension und to finish this, what actually is a tragedy, with a smile.
Until soon,