The renaissance fair, an unbelievable success.

During the last 3 days we have been in Medina del Campo with our stand in the Padilla Street, and we had to split up because we had this renaissance fair in Media and a medieval fair in Cuellar, so we had to organize a second sales team, with a few volunteers but without Carolina, our official sales person, and in the end I ended up being there most of the time, which is not really my favourite thing to say the least.
It was incredibly hot but the success was astounding, in terms of the fair and therefore the stand was seen by an infinite number of people (I know I am exaggerating but only a little!). We had 3 galgos there, one of them being Sara, and two males that were unbelievable, all the kids touched them and they received more loving touches than in their whole previous life. The children touched them, embraced them, kissed them, laid down underneath them, they took thousands of pictures and one even came to sleep with them, as a figure of speech. We also had our shop of course and we brought some of our kittens and puppies as well, and I think I have told my story a thousand times, of what is Scooby and how good these galgos are as companion dogs. And since the heat was impressive, I have passed these 3 days on beer and mojitos, which on one hand made me more talkative and chatty, but also made sure I added an inch (or two) to my waistline, but hey, you can’t have it all!
A few years ago, an American friend of mine named Pat, asked me: Fermin, do you think that the fate of the galgos could ever change in Spain? And now I say yes, that the things that I saw these days in Medina make me think that it is possible, that it is only a matter of time and effort. There will always be idiots but Spain is definitely changing.

One of the other things I want to emphasize about this fair is that there have been more people than ever in Medina, it was cheap and they didn’t have to mistreat animals for it, there were no bull runs or anything like it, and for me that is proof enough that when you use your intelligence and common sense, things will go well, you attract people to the village and you don’t have to resort to hurting an animal.  Good advice for some mayors who can only come up with the argument that without bulls the village won’t attract people, it is simply not true.