A big bar of Chocolate

There is a dog in Scooby that is not really the most handsome dog of all. He is not a small dog, neither is he a big dog. Well, that depends on how you look at it. Chocolate is not tall, but he is fat. Really fat. And I always have a weak spot for the ugly dogs and yes, I am hopelessly in love with Chocolate, so this says something about his looks..

Chocolate was adopted from Scooby two years ago, when he still was a beautiful chocolate brown puppy. In the following two years he definitely ate a lot, until he was brought back to Scooby because the owner was moving into a smaller house and Chocolate would not fit..

Chocolate is a dog that has to get to know you. The first few days he is scared and you have to convince him that you are a nice person that is not going to hurt him but only to cuddle him (this convincing is easily done by food). But when he trusts you, he is really nice! He loves to be pet, is not interested in cats (only in cat food..), he likes to go out for a walk (he is good on the leash) and he loves to play with tennis balls. The ball hardly fits his mouth, but when you throw it he runs after it, catches it, looks at you and drops the ball on the floor. Bringing the ball back he still has to learn, so for now I just walk to the ball, pick it up and throw it again. Exercise for both species. 

My ¨beautiful¨ friend is looking for a home where he does fit and maybe can be put on a diet?