Incredible but true

Six months later, the car that has been so generously donated to us by Levriers sans Frontiers (thanks you LSF for this wonderful donation), well like I said, after six months of continuous bureaucratic battles with the officers on duty, with Treasury as well as with the general traffic bureau, and even though we tried to explain the situation many times, that is was a donation, there was no way we could arrange it and in the end we had to import it like it was a regular sales-buy situation. A lot of other stupid things happened that I am not going to mention because we still have another problem to solve: the van that Merel gave us. The truth is that for people outside of Spain that make these donations, it is very hard to understand but that is the bureaucracy we have here and even the crisis doesn’t change that, and everything that is just a little outside the “norms”  is a nightmare to arrange and is almost impossible.
Greetings, Fermin