The fury that doesn’t stop.. Veterinary cases that need urgent help

This time I am going to trouble you, I know, but we need you to help us, we will help them any way we can but we need your help to do that.  A few lines for each case, but I will write a more extensive update later.
A Doberman found in Cigales, he has a chip so we are going to report his owner to the police for abandonment and continuous abuse. It goes without saying he needs treatment, and I will not say anything about what I think of the owner, otherwise I will end up in jail.

Was found after she was run over, she already had an operation but she needs another one. She needs new plates since these were doubled over to save her leg.

This is a galgo mix that reminded me a lot of a few we rescued some years ago, and there were seven  little ones, so therefore the name. As you can see another one run over and another expensive operation to save her leg.

This one they left at our gate, also with a broken leg, but we have witnesses and the license plate of the car, so we will report this to the police as well for abandonment and abuse, but for the moment she will also need a costly operation.

So just an overview of our most urgent cases, if you can help anyone of them, please do so and let us know which one you would prefer to help with your donation. Thanks from the bottom of our heart and please note I will write an article on all of them.
Greetings, Fermin