Mixes and crosses

They will always be mixed dogs, they have the incomparable beauty of mixed types and races and that is at the same time their sin; they aren’t pretty, they are not full blood, they are not galgos but they also have their little heart and also deserve their home where they will be loved and where they will receive something they have not received till now: Love... Well I am exaggerating a little bit, we picked them up from a village in Segovia. What I think is strange is that instead of picking up animals themselves, as is obligatory since 1970, so a little while ago already, the deputation of Segovia is handing out our telephone number as the number to call if an animal needs to be picked up.  Anyway, besides this little protest, Carolina and me went there to pick up some dogs at the house of an elderly man, who in turn had picked them up and taken care of them his own way, which is probably not the way we would have done it, but you got to understand that this is a man of over 70 years old, and the poor man needs to be operated on and then will move to a home, and I told you I was exaggerating a little because this man in his own way had given them love;  the female was pregnant and we sterilized her. The truth is that when we arrived at the village and told what was the reason for coming, people were delighted, probably because they could never understand why somebody would spend a part of his own pension on streetdogs, and when this person realized he could not do it anymore, he was able to find us to make sure we would take care of them instead.

What a difference with the woman that called me yesterday to leave her dog with us, a pit-bull, for the only reason that her daughter in law and the owner of the dog had gotten pregnant and was afraid she would stumble over the dog, and I refused taking up the dog. And on top of that she gets angry with me and starts criticizing Scooby and saying she would badmouth us, as if I am worried about that, she is the one abandoning her dog and she blames me, let’s see about that, but I just had to tell you because it made me so angry..
So.. this is the story of Jalisco,  a black dog, small and a little timid,  medium size dog Tony, timid, and Polly, a female without trauma, friendly with people and dogs, a story of mix dogs like many others but they really deserve a place in your heart, and why not: on your sofa!
A big hug for everybody,