This time it is only going to be a short update since I don’t want you to get tired of reading, but a little while ago I told you about the green car and the problems we had with the Spanish bureaucracy. Well this time I will tell you about other bureaucratic problems, with the hope that somebody will read this and help us so we don’t keep on throwing out money.
This is related with the identification of the animals, and since there are new guidelines, before being able to vaccinate against rabies, the dogs have to be identified and also registered  in the Siacyl database, and we find ourselves in a spot because before we can make a trip into Europe with our dogs, we have upload them, and them 1 or 2 weeks later take them out of the database again because they are transferred to another country and when the identification tags arrive, the dogs are no longer here. And this way we have thrown away about 7 euro per dog, and if you multiply that by the number of tags you see in the picture, it comes to a considerable amount that we are throwing away, solely because of the bureaucracy. If we would be able to save this money, I think we could buy about over 25000 kilo of food.
So, if anybody has any idea to prevent this, please let me know because every time an envelop arrives with identification tags, it hurts to think how many bags of food we could have bought instead.
Greetings, Fermin