Bag of bones..

No no and no.. I don’t want to call him bag of bones, even though the poor thing is very very thin, so I have been thinking for a while of how to call this one and the only name that comes to mind is Sebastian, so if nothing better comes up, Sebastian it’s going to be. And now of course you must be thinking: who the hell is Sebastian, well, maybe not since you people are a lot more educated than I am (and I am even working in a  school),  you might be thinking: for goodness sake, who is this Sebastian, well maybe not even that, you might not even care knowing who is Sebastian. But no, I don’t think that you don’t care because tadaaa I am going to present Sebastian, who is an adorable little black galgo with some white striping that makes him absolutely special and adorable, and apart from his color, it’s also his character and his personality.

Sabine and me picked him up from Moriscos, a very nice town in Salamanca, we went there with the car donated by LSF that is finally legal, and our friends from LSF should be proud of your car that was used for it’s  first ever rescue, and nothing less than the rescue of Sebastian!  Well, let’s get back on topic otherwise Conny will be complaining that I sound like a politician, that I talk a lot without saying anything, and Conny is one of our marvelous translators, thank you Conny! Anyway, the poor thing was there, looking like a bag of bones, without having been fed for a long time and with some wounds at his feet from wandering around during a long time. On the way back in the car Sabine had to touch and pet him the whole time because that was the only way to keep him quiet and he would let me drive.

When we arrived in Medina we found that he did not have a chip and to tell you the truth, if we find such a beautiful animal like Sebastian, I always hope he does not have a chip because then we would have to return him to some hunter where he would have a worse life than he would have with us. So, this is Sebastian, and right now he is with us but soon he will be at your home! 
Greetings, Fermin.