Chica and Punky – 2 Female dogs from Salamanca

Some time ago we got a phone call that a female dog was living in the streets in the province of Salamanca and got shot with pellets on a regular basis. A lady from the village had taken her into her home to prevent her from getting killed. Of course we drove over there straightaway to go and get her. Her name is Chica now.
At first Chica was very scared and felt uneasy with all the people here. It is clear that her experiences are not good. But after a couple of days she started to warm up to us, she welcomed our visits, started wagging her tail and came walking up to the door in a very happy mood when she was brought treats. In a short while she will move to a foster home to be really spoiled.

The same lady who rescued Chica had later taken in a medium sized black female dog who was suffering from the same bad treatment. We went over there and got her too. Her name is Punky now and she is really getting settled at Scooby. Punky looks very funny – she’s got a rough haired coat and big, pricked-up ears. Just like Chica she was very shy the first 2-3 days, but now she already allows herself to be touched, petted and spoiled with extra feedings. When she’s being lifted up you can sense her getting a bit tense but then she starts enjoying her daily dose of caresses.

We are now looking for a forever home for both of our lovely girlies, a place for them to forget their life in the streets. Maybe at your place?
VIDEO: Chica just after arriving at Scooby.