What makes me angry 789

It is along time that I don´t write anything and Christiane has asked me to do it, so here I go. What makes me angry and maybe I have told you before. Our authorities make me angry, really angry , but not only politicians, also the Police and the judges. It seems that none take seriously animal welfare, we have laws now protecting our animals and for example to abandon an animal is forbidden by law, ok then ¿HOW IT CAN HAPPEN THAT WE RESCUE ANIMALS ABANDON WITH MICROCHIP AND NOTHING HAPPENS? We report the abandonement and afterwards we hear nothing, the animal stay with us for months and months , supposedly we cannot change the name of the owner and nobody prosecutes the owner, it is happening with many dogs. how on earth a judge can dismiss a case because he could not find the owner, we gave them , the complete name and address, so it means that if you are a murderer , you only need to change your address and then you are safe, this is not serious, the judges are not doing their work. And this is gains the law.
What about the Police, any kind of Police , ¿HOW IT CAN BE THAT A DONKEY IS TIED WITH A CHAIN OF TWO METERS LONG IN FRONT OF THE POLICE AND NOTHING HAPPENS? NO SHADE , TIED DAY AND NIGHT, WITH APPARENTLY NO FOOD , I suppose that some food or water the por donkey should have , because is still alive after some months.

And what about the Politicians, they make the law , sometimes very difficult law, but they don´t einforce the la. ¿HOW ON EARTH , IT CAN HAPPEN THAT IN 2015 THERE ARE STILL PLENTY OF ANIMALS WITHOUT CHIP? In our region the law is more than 20 years old,
so there is something wrong here, how it can be that bullfighting, hunting or even Circus, get subsidies for mistreating animals, there should be something wrong inside their brains. And do you want to know something more?. I have lost my respect for all these people, I thought before that this people they were intelligent enough because at the end they have reached these places like being a judge or a policeman or a minister, but I have realized that this is not the case they are not more intelligent than us , the most of the times they are really more stupid, but at the end we are paying their salary with our taxes so they are working for us and they must serve us not the other way around. Kisses , licks and hugs for all of you. Fermín.