The hunting season is nearing.

The people working in the refuge don’t need to watch the calendar to know that the hunting season is coming near. It is just as easy as picking up the phone and start writing down the notices they are giving us: galgo with a broken leg, galgo with an open fracture, galgo puppy overrun, galgo on the motorway, galgo malnourished, to just name a few. And already these terrible stories are coming in, stories of abandonment and abuse. If we are lucky we can rescue the animal.. on other occasions it is already too late. The horror for the galgos is closing in and also a very bad time for our refuge. If it is already a tremendous burden to get each and every one of our inhabitants ahead in life, you can imagine what happens when our premises are completely saturated with galgos with serious health problems and in need of veterinary care. So again, we need your help. We unfortunately always need your help because the situation in this country does not change and in the end it is up to the refuges to rescue and save the life of these poor animals. Please help us so we can rescue all the more animals and they might have a chance of a somewhat dignified life.