We are happy to introduce Perla and Bruss, two of the cutest
and funniest little dogs in Scooby.
These adorable little dogs found themselves living in the Scooby shelter
after their owner had to make the difficult decision to part with them
due to personal circumstances.
It was sad to see them looking so lost and confused when they
first arrived, not understanding where they were and why they were here.
But it took only a short time before they came out of their shells, and
then danced their way in to all of our hearts…….
Perla is blind, and relies on having her companion Bruss near her side,
though she is such a funny and happy character and very independent, and
she manages to find her way around and adapt to new surroundings
incredibly well.
Bruss is such a happy guy, he adores people and makes a little happy
dance when he sees you coming, with Perla dancing along right beside
him, especially if you are carrying their favourite food - sausages!!!!
Both dogs are so loving and affectionate, and bounce all over each other
to be the first to get a hug.
As Perla and Bruss have been together through all of their lives, we are
looking for a very special family who is willing to adopt them together,
as it would not be fair to separate them, especially as Perla is reliant
on Bruss who acts as a great guide when she needs him.
If you would like to know more about Perla and Bruss, and are interested
in adopting them, please contact us.
They will bring a lot of fun, smiles and happiness to your lives.