And we went to Murcia

Like always I went just to enjoy the sun and the good food, but also I wanted to see some friends, so I got in contact with Marina from Bullas , and we were talking and something happened , something that I will tell you on another update. I met Raquel and my conversation will be another update , but this time I want to explain my conversation with Maria from Mazarrรณn , she is the one who rescues galgos and podencos in the area of Murcia for us, but this time she needed help, she is an animal lover and she rescues any kind of dogs, for some reasons she is going to loose her driving license , so she cannot go anymore to the places where she had the dogs to feed them and that is why she asked us to help the animals , taking them to the shelter and we did , Cristina took yesterday the van and went to Murcia to rescue 30 mixes, some podencos and podenco mixes , two galgos , that is also another update , plus two cocks, obviously all of them are special and all of them need a home, there are several timid ones and I will write several updates about them, because I want to focus on them, by the way in the downloading some pooed and peed on me because of their fear and even one did bite me , but nothing really serious, I still have two hands and twenty fingers. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin