Thank you

Just  thank you , a big thank you , thousands and thousands of thank you , we are not grateful enough to all of you, for many many things, thank you for adopting our dogs, thank you for adopting our cats, thank you for supporting us, thank you because when we are on transport many of you come to us with coffee , sweeties and many other things to support us , the drivers. Thank you because when we arrived to the final destination you are there donating any kind of goods, food, beds, washing machines, blankets, etc, etc, etc. When we come back with the van full of goods for our animals , I feel really happy , and I always think ok I must thank all these generous people, afterwards I need to do a lot of things and I always forget it, but today is the day,thank you, we simply will not exist without your help. Kisses., licks and hugs from all of our animals. Ferm√≠n