Forgotten dogs at Scooby

October 5th is our FORGOTTEN DOGS DAY, the day we want to bring your attention to the dogs in our shelters in Medina, Zamora and in the Residencia that are waiting far too long for their forever home. Though we are a good shelter and we always try to do our utmost for the wellbeing of our animals, we are only a shelter and never can give them as much love and attention as they need and most of all, DESERVE! Scooby is for sure a wonderful temporary solution for all dogs in need but it should only be the first step into a brighter future and not the end of the line. So please have a look at the dogs below, click on the images to enlarge if needed, read the short character sum up and take those ones into consideration first if you are looking for a new companion for life. It is THEIR turn to become special to somebody special!