Animal welfarists

I am sorry about saying this and I don t know if someone is going to be offended but I need to ventilate , it seems that there are some people on the Social Network , Facebook, that they know how to do animal welfare , better than anyone else, and let me explain some cases, because we are not vegans we cannot be considered animal welfare people, and our shelter cannot be considered a Sanctuary , because among our animals are meat eaters, they call themselves antiespecistes but dogs , cats and any carnivores are considered like impure animals, the biggest stupidity that I could read is that Animaux en Peril a Belgium organization, has closed their shelter for dogs and cats because they are meat eaters. Nowadays we can see plenty of organizations that they call themselves Animal Welfare Organization and they have12 cats or 5 dogs, I know , i know that every life counts but it is not the same to rescue 10 dogs than 1000 , to have one horse or to have 50 and after that they say that it is better to do small rescues but perfect than to do big rescues and not so good according to their standards, obviously if you rescue ten dogs per year , you can have them in golden baskets , but what happens with the rest? Should they be euthanised or what, honestly I prefer to rescue them knowing that they are safe at the shelter than letting them to be killed by a car . This is why we go for the contracts with the Towns and provinces, we prefer to do the work ourselves instead of having a killing station in place. What about all these young women on Facebook normally doing nothing for the animals and only criticising the work of the rest, if we do a transport is not good enough, if we send dogs abroad , it is because we have a big business with the laboratories or with food companies, but the worst part of this is that there are some people who believe them, we have been reported several times, always by these animal welfarists , people that they are not able to do the work and when Scooby arrives and show them how to do it , they just hate us because of that. And the last for know, what do you think about all that people who take a picture out of the context , just to criticize, I still remember a picture of our dogs close to the door and someone started a campaign against us because we have the dogs like sardines, anyway this is animal welfare, take it or leave it. Kisses, licks and hugs. Fermin