David and Pilar

These are two galgos that we have rescued from Murcia, our friend Maria told me on sunday about these two , David has a broken leg and Pilar a broken hip so the …………..owner, fill the most appropriate adjective for you, was going to kick them out and abandon them , so another two surgeries more needed and we have four until now and the hunting season only just started, they are at this moment at Mediterraneo , we will never be able to thank them enough and obviously my dears we will need your help again, I know ,know that we are always crying for help but we are not the ones to blame , please blame the ……………….owners that are not able to spend any money on their dogs. THEY ARE REALLY GEORGEOUS SO PLEASE DON LET THEM DOWN. Kisses, licks and……….Fermin
Fill in the blanks what your imagination allows you. 

PS Both had their surgeries meanwhile!