Volunteers at Scooby and the Pup Prevention Plan

Last week a small group of Greyhound Compassion volunteers returned from the Scooby shelter.  As usual it was overflowing with rescued animals, including at least 300 galgos.  We spent a few days cleaning and feeding the Scooby galgos and other residents. We spent a lot of time administering tick and flea treatment.  Then there were the clinic patients whose recovery kennels needed cleaning. We gave these galgos a gentle walk every now and then.  These convalescing galgos had either been neutered or, in the case of three or four of them, were having their broken limbs repaired.  They had come in, the victims of traffic accidents.

The recovery kennels are a recent and innovative development to the whole shelter. Previously the only space for the convalescing animals had been a handful of wooden kennels in the coldest and hardest to clean part of the shelter.  These spanking new kennels are in a brick built building with tiled flooring, insulation, warmth, lighting and individual enclosures with a comfortable bed.  They are also much easier to mop clean than the previous kennels.  Not only is this much easier for staff and volunteers, even the patients look happier and closer to recovery.

The next stage of development, underway whilst we were there, is the construction of a small laboratory to house the donated medical equipment which is highly appreciated and is the result of some very helpful donations from veterinary suppliers. 

Pup Prevention Plan: a ground-breaking initiative

The next big fund-raising project for Scooby, Greyhound Compassion and the galgo rescue support groups in Europe is the Scooby ambulance.  The ambulance will be manned by a Scooby staff member and a vet.  It will travel deeply into the rural areas to pick up strays and to bring them back to the shelter to be neutered and rehabilitated until they can be rehomed.  The ambulance will also collect dogs from consenting owners to neuter and treat them at cost in the Scooby clinic.  This is to prevent the prevalance of puppies which so often are galgo mixes because so many galgos are discarded and mingling with the stray dogs.  The Scooby shelter, like other refuges, found it so impossible to cope with the influx of puppies last year that preventative measures have become vital. 

Greyhound Compassion Contribution

Thanks to a recent flag day and matched funds from a corporate sponsor, Greyhound Compassion already has £1,000 towards the ambulance.  This is a much appreciated precursor to the official launch of this special project at a garden party lunch to be hosted by Mrs. Hazel Spear on 6 July at her home in Hertfordshire.  Everyone is most welcome along with their dogs to this informal social gathering in support of the ambulance.  We are hoping that once on the road the ambulance will be instrumental in “pup prevention” thereby reducing uncontrolled breeding of galgos and galgo mixes. To reserve a space at the lunch in aid of the ambulance project, please contact us on info@greyhoundcompassion.com by 30 June 2014.  Cost per head: £10 – all proceeds to GC  in aid of the ambulance.