Raquel : our lawyer in Murcia.

I want to introduce you , Raquel, she is our lawyer in Murcia with the case of neglected animals in Bullas, I have already asked her for a CV so I can publish it on our site so all our supporters can know what she has already achieved for the animals, after several conversations with her I am absolutely convinced that she has the scooby point of view around animal welfare and I think that we need to have her on our team,  animal welfare is important to rescue the animals, but also an important part is to prosecute the criminals and also to try to get the laws implemented so one day we can say that Spain has laws for protecting the animals and it doesn’t mind what specie we are talking about, all of them need to be respected and all of them need to be protected. Waiting for her CV , I must tell you that like every other creature she needs to eat , so she needs to get money and I think that we need to pay her some money, she is always saying that all the money is for the animals and if there are some left overs , then she can get some money, so my proposal is , if you think that her work is important and you want to donate for paying her, please do it through our accounts marking specifically that is for the lawyer. Kisses , licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín