Today is the day

Today I can explain the whole history, here we go.  Last Mai I went on holidays to Murcia and somebody that  I knew trough Facebook , Ger Canals, she asked me for help in a hidden case of mistreatment of animals , that they were investigating, so by causality I asked her where it was and it was in a village close to Murcia , where I was on holidays, the village is Bullas, so I asked her to meet  and to go to see the situation, while we were driving she told me that the man was already found guilty of mistreating animals two years before and he was forbidden to keep animals for three years, something that for sure he  was contravening , so we went there to see the animals and we could see, dogs, mainly podencos, horses sheep and goats very skinny with dirty water and only chips for eating, yes only chips for all, dogs, horses, sheep and goats.
After that we had a meeting with the lawyer in charge of the case and scooby is part of this court case , we are as complainants and also the judge has made us official depositors of all the animals, that as far as I know we are bringing 7 pregnant mares, 50-60 galgos and podencos, 20 ferrets, and some time after 20 sheep and 20 goats, more or less, so today all our people is in Bullas, a track for horses included , we are bringing the dogs , the horses and the ferrets, and  later for legal reasons we are bringing the sheep and goats, hopefully we will go next week if we can get the transport license for them.
And now I need to ask you for a big effort, we need money , the expenses are going to be huge, getting fat all the animals, we need to build a new and safe place for the ferrets, vaccinating all of them , castrating and sterilizing all these galgos and podencos plus the ferrets, like I told you before we don’t have homes for podencos but I could not leave them behind, by the way it seems that during the previous case the spectacle from some organizations was absolutely deplorable, fitting for the best animals and leaving behind the supposedly ugliest ones, more or less what happened in Alicante when Patricia died.
So we need you again, we need money , homes for dogs, ferrets and maybe sheep, goats and maybe horses, all of them count on you don’t let them down. Kisses , licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín 

SLIDE-SHOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6S7_13ZGro&feature=youtu.be

By the way, while we were inspecting the situation of the animals chocolate appeared, obviously she belonged to that man and she escape jumping the fence,  we caught her and now is going to be adopted in France.