Things that make me happy 1

Yesterday I was walking in the fields and I saw the horses from Bullas, they are looking great, they already have several kilos more, in fact they have eaten a lot of carrots , grass and straw, even there is one, the smallest one that is following us everywhere like a dog and I have already seen them jumping of joy, the ferrets are already set up , the feather animals are doing ok and now they know that wheat , corn , grass is the right food for them, there are so many small things that make me happy, that now I feel I need to share it with you, by the way to have all of you behind the computer make me absolutely happy. It is  a little bit ridiculous to write and write and having nobody on the other side, thank you for being there. All the pictures that you send to us with all the adopted dogs make me happy to see them in their new home so please send more and more , to see how the little ducks are growing , even thinking that many people thought that they were going to die and they have survived thanks to our care. I am happy walking in the fields and looking at the peaceful animals, I am happy about the rescue of Bullas and to see how all of them are getting better and better every day, I am happy when we receive donations because it means several things, one that you trust in our work and you think that we should continue doing it in the future, I am sorry many times about asking for money, some people they tell me that I don’t know how to cry enough, that Scooby is doing a great job and we need to publicize more, anyway I am happy even thinking that I always want more, this is it for now, kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín