Update about Scooby’s offer to help El Galgo Senior

Dear friends
I am going to tell you what happened on my (unnecessary) trip to Alicante, as you may know Pat Osborne has died, being run over  by a tram, it seems she was a bit deaf and didn’t hear the tram getting closer.  Pat ran a refuge for galgos and when I found out, I offered our help to take in all the animals that were present in the refuge and to be able to coordinate all that , I went that way, arriving in Murcia on friday to stay with my brother so I could arrive in the refuge El Galgo senior the next day. And that is what happened. Yesterday, on Saturday I arrived there in the morning and to tell you the truth I did not like very much what I found there. A lot of different people from different organisations were there too  and they were picking out dogs to take with them. I don’t know where this idea was coming from but I was very surprised, and even more when Maria Jose, the Belgian volunteer for El Galgo Senior, so a part of the organisation, said she was just as surprised, that people were even having arguments about the dogs with her, she told me there was one dog that had already found a  home in Switzerland and then one of the present women said she wanted to have that one and that those people needed to pick out another. If you know a little about the process at Scooby you know that we do not choose the animals, we just try to solve the problem and take them all in. I was asking around and the volunteers told me they had seen people there they didn’t know and who had never been around there. I found out that Pat was taking in mostly galgos from  galgueros and gypsies from the neighbourhood and I got the idea that it might be possible to continue the refuge, that Scooby would take care of the galgos and the refuge and that is what I mentioned to Pat’s son, that Scooby could provide a worker, Oscar, who could move there from Medina to take charge of the refuge and see if this was a possible option. Scooby would then take care of all the costs in the beginning, just because I was worried what was to become of these poor animals.
My offer was refused and the only thing that was left to do was pick up the animals and I could not choose, I would just take in all I can because all have a right to a new future, White, black, males, females, shy, sociable, with Leishmania and without. I left my telephone number and left. And yes, I let the local staff there know because you can understand after 25 years of saving galgos, I am not going to get into a fight with anyone to save a few more. And there are plenty more to save, and maybe not all of them will be in the media as much as those, they will probably not be posted on Facebook, but they are galgos and they need help.  Later on I found out that a certain Ana Patricia, whom I do not know and I don’t know from which organisation she is, was telling people that I was a hunter and a gypsy and she was going to make sure that no galgo was going to Scooby. I really would like to know who this person is so I could explain to her that I was already saving galgos before she even knew what a galgo was. So, this is what happened, Scooby wasn’t necessary and we will keep on taking in galgos from dog pounds that nobody wants, one thing for certain is that we have 27 coming in from Cuenca and we will get another full batch from Sevilla because Isabel called us to say she was swamped.  I know there have been initiatives to raise money for Scooby for these galgos, as we will not pick them up. And tell you what, these galgos have very few expenses since they were all neutered, chipped and vaccinated, so in fact ready for adoption. So people who have already donated for this cause, let us know if you want us to return the money, otherwise we are going to use it for the 40 galgos that are coming in from Sevilla. But what would have been appreciated is if somebody would have told me beforehand, so I wouldn’t have had to drive the 1200 km for nothing.
And finally, we offered Maria Jose, the Belgian volunteer to help with the transport and that offer still stands. If you need help, you just need to ask for it, and I would like to invite her publicly to come and visit us because after our conversations I know she is going to be delighted with our animal sanctuary. 
Greetings, Fermin