Damn, I like dogs

Sometimes I think why couldn’t I like stamps, my life would have been so much easier  then, but I like animals so I can’t help myself, I guess I just have to live with it.  The truth is I don’t pity myself, actually I’m quite happy with it, another silly thing, it has been said that we humans are just animals with clothes on, if you have ever attended a course of several days, even for  the first time, we believe that this particular seat is ours and don’t appreciate anyone asking us to move , same goes for my students, we strive to have them work and learn together, we mix boys and girls, and yet when we leave they have split up, boys on one side the girls on the other, well when I was with my dogs a short while ago the same happened, now I have got 3 of them and each one has its own bed which is just as fluffy and big as the next one but oh dear if one of them attempts to occupy another one’s bed, so we have a problem because the one that got dispossessed stands crying beside the bed until I wake up and put things in place again, which means each dog in its own bed, for sure we all have our habits and foolishness.  Until the next nonsense that I can think of. Fermín