Teo, a galgo who was lucky

The story of Teo is the reason of an internal conflict of my feelings towards human beings. I will tell you the story and you judge for yourself.. Teo was left in a pinewood close to our refuge, in Laguna de Duero. Not only left there but tied to a tree without water or food, left to die, and from what he looked like when he arrived we think he must have been all alone there for over a week, untill a human being passed his way and got very angry, cut the cord he was tied with, brought him to the police and from there he came to our  refuge in Laguna where he went from food to water continuously. I have very ambivalent feelings, they go from wanting to shoot the one who left him there and kiss the one who rescued him. Now he’s there slowly gaining weight and living the life he has never had before. Greetings, Fermin