A real Christmas story

This is one of those stories that we dont like to tell from Scooby Medina but we hope that, like any other Christmas story, it has a happy ending.
It was the dawn of a typical winter day, with its fog and mists when the Scooby team went on their way to a small town in the province of Salamanca, after a call from the mayor who had warned us that a couple of very dangerous Mastins had been found in his village and the villagers were terrified. As we approached the town, the sun started to rise, a prelude of what we were about to find. Accompanied by the major and the Guardia Civil, the courageous Scooby team was prepared to meet the violent animals. And they were in for a surprise when they met 7 adorable mastins, some with more character than others but ultimately all with a  very positive attitude.  What really stole our heart was this little mastin puppy we found, black and white, 2 months old which we named Niebla, an adorable and sweet puppy.
The Guardia civil made sure that the owner who was living in one of the nearby farms came to the scene, and we were told that these dogs were not to be identified nor did they know if they were even vaccinated. So the Guardia Civil had to make a decision right then, either a veterinarian came and made sure things were arranged or apart from putting in a complaint, they would take away the animals. The boy didnt know what to do and finally decided that the Scooby team could take away 3 dogs, and the rest would stay with him, on the condition they would receive the care they needed and that they would be chipped, as required by law.
And so, unto Scooby came Niebla (puppy), Xin (6 months) and Lobby (3 years), 3 adorable dogs in need of love and attention they did not have before. And now it is up to you to put an end to this story, a happy and good end, adding another member to your family, you are not going to regret it.  We need you, but they  need you more. This time more than ever we count on you and your solidarity. Thanks again!

 Niebla is already reserved;-)