Emperador, a new horse for our farm

Take a close look at the picture and tell us if it would have been possible to avoid taking him in, he’s about 27 years old and we figured that after talking to the first owner of the animal. The thing is that they called us to tell us they had a horse that was no longer useful so they wanted to get rid of it, they came up with an invented story about how the poor thing came in the sorry state he was in, the poor Emperador, and now the case is that he is with us and we have to make sure he gets some meat on his bones, get his hooves sorted out and make sure he looks like a horse again, so he can spend the last years of his life well taken care of, and maybe he can help us entertain some children who could ride him because I can guarantee he is a very well behaved horse. The strange thing is that his ownership is in the name of a man who is not his real owner because they have sold him without arranging the paperwork, so right now we are trying to find our  who is the real owner so they could hand over the official ownership to us, and then he only needs someone to adopt him, even if it is virtually.
Greetings from Emperador