Facebook fences

It's funny that nowadays so many people are on facebook, from all over the world. And it seems that people that are infected with Scooby fever infect more and more people with this 'disease' through social media. And for Scooby this means all the difference in the world! Scooby gets better known, dogs and cats get promoted and the frequent auctions raise a lot of money for the animals of Scooby and that is much needed!
Last august we were in the perimeter, the big paddocks surrounding the Scooby farm. Here we noticed that Askaron, a shy mastin, was not inside his paddock but was walking outside the fence! Dani climbed on a doghouse, jumped over the fence and gently forced Askaron to go back into the paddock, trough the hole that he apparently made or found during the night.
This happening was the start of the idea to start another auction on facebook. This time to raise money to build new fences for the perimeter, to keep dogs inside and strangers out. 

The auction was lead by volunteers from Scooby North America and raised a lot of money. Money that we can spend on new fencing, what again proved today to be very very needed as you can see in the pictures we took of another brave rescue of a Mastin. She somehow knew how to escape out of the paddock but got stuck trying to get back in. Luckily the dog didn't get injured, thanks to the quick rescue of the Scooby team.
So we can definitely say on behalf of the dogs and the Scooby team: thank you for enabling us to renew the old fences and increase the safety of our dogs  with your support!